Breastfeeding Training for Post-Partum Doulas

New Curriculum!!!

8 hours of specific lactation training for post-partum Doulas.

Anyone is welcome to attend and participate but we will put an emphasis on those serving breastfeeding families on a regular basis.

  • Receive a breastfeeding manual
  • Learn the basics and beyond
  • Know when to refer out
  • Understand your scope of practice
  • Help new moms keep their breastfeeding goals
  • Be able to educate on the normalcy of breastfeeding
  • Causes of sore nipples, mastitis and engorgement and treatments
  • How to help a reluctant mom to breastfeed who is tired and worn out
  • And much, much more!

NEW ADDITION: follow an IBCLC for a day and see what your role as a post partum doula is for these breastfeeding families verses a lactation consultant. Know how to help their breastfeeding care plan once they have one from an IBCLC. . .

October 7th class has been cancelled. Look for more dates as they come available.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

*Lunch included

Location: email or call to get location

Price: $120.00

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$120.00 Pay Now to Hold Your Spot! And please fill out the contact form so if there are any changes I can call you. This is very important as changes happen last minute.