mother-breastfeeding-her-baby-18047807I am glad you found me. You wouldn’t be here if you or someone you know is having breastfeeding challenges. It is my mission to make sure that you are taken care of in all aspects of being a new mom and that includes making sure you and your baby are working well together.

Private Lactation Consultations are perfect for those who have:

  • sore or damaged nipples
  • a baby not gaining normal weight
  • engorgement
  • low milk supply
  • re lactation
  • breast reduction or augmentation
  • breastfeeding adopted baby
  • pump issues
  • tongue tied or suck issues
  • multiples
  • a baby refusing the breast; instead cries or sleeps
  • someone telling you that you CAN’T breastfeed
  • the need to supplement with formula or breastmilk
  • any other concerns or barriers that are preventing them from enjoying
  • breastfeeding

Hiring a medical professional that makes house calls is invaluable for a new mom and her peace of mind. She will receive loving kindness and direction for success!


  • a personalized and detailed breastfeeding care plan
  • evidence-based breastfeeding support and answers
  • reassurance from an understanding and nurturing certified breastfeeding professional
  • successful breastfeeding techniques that apply to your own personal circumstances
  • savings of up too $3,000 a year (depending on the type) when not buying formula
  • savings of $500.00 with seeing an expert Women’s Heath Coach for up to two hours
  • savings of $1,000′s with baby not getting sick
  • receive loving assurance that you are not to blame for the challenges you are experiencing…life time savings
  • Can you really put a price on your sore nipples and breasts? Getting your nipples healed…priceless!

Benefits of having a Massage Therapist as your Lactation Consultation: 

Healing modalities that help improve an infant’s suck. Lymphatic drainage and cranial sacral therapy helps reduce any molding or a hematoma on infant’s head, clear their stuffy noses and strengthens a weaker suction or softens a harder one. As a LMT, I am also going to be assessing for torticollis. All these issues interferes with effective breastfeeding.

Lymphatic drainage for an engorged and swollen breasts will help soften tissue and therefore, relief from pain and discomfort.

Cranial Sacral Therapy can also help a sleep deprived mom sleep better and recover from birth easier, therefore, feel better.

Fees for Professional Lactation Consults

Option A: $85.00 – 1 hour in my Murray office location. This is for follow up only.

Option B: $115.00 – Most visits need to be 90 minutes. Especially if its a newborn that needs to be seen. This gives more time and attention to details without the rush.  Plus, it provides time for cranial sacral therapy or lymphatic drainage for your baby which will help them nurse more effectively.

Murray Office Location: 746 E. Winchester G-10  Murray, UT–with Family First Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Option C: $140.00 – for up to 90 minutes in your home. This price is for areas south of South Temple to Lehi.
Option D: $160.00 – 2 hours in your home. This price is for areas south of South Temple to Lehi.

**185.00 –$200.00 for all other area such as west side of Park City, East, West and South of Lehi. This for up to 2 hours

$220.00 for Most of Park City and Provo areas.

Option D: $50.00 – 60 min phone or FaceTime consultation for those established or non-local clients.

Cancellation Policy: I understand that true emergencies do come up. However, do to my busy lactation practice, please give me 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule. Those who do not cancel within that time will be billed $50.00.

Occasionally, breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally. Don’t wait with the hope that your breastfeeding concerns go away. You and your baby deserve the best start. Let me come to your home or you to me and let’s get you on the path of success. Despite what you are thinking the issues that you are experiencing are not just in your head. They are real and deserving of a trained professional to help turn things around.

Call today at (801) 608-8947 to schedule a private and confidential consultation.