What to Expect At Your Visit

Welcome to Birth and Breastfeeding Solutions – Julie L. Johnson, BA, IBCLC, LMT


1. Please click on the link below to get into your client portal. This needs to be done before we meet. I especially need your pediatrician’s phone number and fax number. If you are not with Aetna, skip the financial information.

2. Unfortunately, I do not bill for any insurance other than Aetna Insurance. Even if baby and dad have it, I can still bill. For those that do not have Aetna, you may use your health savings card, cash, check or credit card to pay at the time of the visit.

3. Please come to your appointment when the infant will soon be ready to eat.  This will allow me to hear your concerns first before we get started on the infant’s suck, breast and feeding assessment.

4. Read the consent form listed in the new client area on this tab.

5. Please come with your written questions if you have any.

6. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call 801-608-8947 or text with a 24 hour notice.  If you need to cancel your appointment  before 24 hours without a true emergency, or a no show, a $50.00 cancellation fee invoice will be sent via Arrowhead Billing Company.

7. I make every effort professionally and personally to empower each mother I have contact with. I only accept to work with clients that show up, take accountability for their outcome and come prepared as I guide, direct and educate you on your viable options for the easiest resolution and success. If it appears that we are not a match, I will refer you onto someone who may be a better fit. If it appears you or infant need medical attention or a lactation visit is not in your best interest at the block of time we agreed upon. (for i.e.when there is excessive mother or infant crying, fatigue, illness or lack of accepting your breastfeeding assessment and plan during our allotted time) a refund will not be issued.

8. What you will receive at every lactation visit:

  • A complete assessment on:
    • nipples
    • breasts
    • infant’s structural
    • infant’s suck
    • infant’s growth
    • infant’s feeding and milk transfer…measuring how much infant is taking in from mom’s breasts during a feed.
    • range of motion of infant’s lip and tongue
  • History taken and any new current information.
  • Discussion of your goals and clarification of your objections for your visit.
  • Extensive written care plan for your steps toward resolution.
  • A verbal confirmation that you have a doable breastfeeding care plan.
  • Referral to another member of my healthcare dream team if needed.
  • Lactation assessment sent to your pediatrician’s office.
  • An appointment offered for those who need follow up care.

I am so excited to be apart of your journey toward postpartum healing and easier breastfeeding so you can thrive verses survive!