Why Hire Me?

Welcome and I am glad to see you are searching out healing options for your unique breastfeeding needs. Let me first explain why someone would want to work with me.

  • I have a B.A. in Family Science
  • I have trained many professionals to be Certified Lactation Educators.
  • I am a birth doula, childbirth educator and a public speaker in birth and breastfeeding related topics.
  • I have worked with roughly 5,000 moms and babies from working as a hospital LC, out patient breastfeeding clinics and in my busy private practice. I have seen it all. Yes, even your specific breastfeeding issues.
  • I am a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant IBCLC which means I have had hundreds of hours of lactation specific training. For me personally, I took a year long course at UCSD in their Lactation Consultant Program, had hundreds of supervised and mentored clinical hours and passed the International Exam. If you are needing answers and solutions, only an IBCLC has all the education and clinical hours and training  to support you and the baby from all aspects. Unlike Le Leche League or other Lactation Specialist, IBCLC’s are the only provider who takes care of mom and baby in relation to breastfeeding from a clinical stand point. That means we know our stuff. We aren’t going to just educate, we are going to tell you the root of the issue and how to fix it. And the good news, it is usually NOT anything you are doing wrong and there is a reason why the books or your neighbor who has breastfed all her babies can’t quite get your concerns resolved.  There are other factors: your health, the birth experience, structure issues in baby, etc. You think birth was hard on you, think of what that baby went through? Those are the main sources of breastfeeding issues. NOT YOU!
  • Guess what the good news is? I am also a License Massage Therapist! My specialties are Cranial Sacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage. These 5 gram pressure modalities help baby suck better, heal from birth trauma and indirectly get your nipples healed. In addition, if you happen to have plugged ducts and breast engorgement and/or edema, Lymphatic drainage is the easiest and quickest way to relief. The magic is pretty amazing to watch!  What is cool is that a mom walks away feeling confident, having hope and a written plan toward success.


I used to offer 1 hour sessions. As I know more, I do more in your session. We aren’t rushed. We aren’t fiddling our thumbs. We are both working in collaboration to best meet your needs. You and your doctors get the typed assessment and care plan. Your baby gets a 5-15 minute body work session, which looks like suck training. They LOVE it!. You not only get assessed, your baby gets assessed and we can actually have healing treatments during our time together. Research Cranial Sacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage and you will be convinced that it is as cool as it sounds and the research to back it up. For example: helping a weak suck stronger and a stronger suck softer. That makes a big difference in nursing.

If you, baby or partner has Aetna as your insurance, your visits are at no cost to you. If you do not have Aetna, I am able to accept health savings accounts.

In my Murray office it is $115.00 for a 90 minute lactation consultation. Now, that I incorporate healing touch in my appointments, I can no longer provide you and baby everything you need in less time..

Follow ups in my office are $85.00/hour

In your home and in my immediate traveling area is $140 for 90 minutes to $160 for 120 minutes. Anything south, west or east of Lehi to South Temple are in these price ranges.

Any location beyond that is 185 to 225 depending on where you live.

They don’t call me the Boob and Baby Whisperer for nothing. I look forward to working with you. Call, emal, facebook or text at 801-608-8947 if you want to proceed to expert care and faster healing.

All my best,

Julie L. Johnson, BA, IBCLC, LMT