Lactation Results Come With a Price

Lactation Results Come With a Price:
You get what you pay for when it comes to the pump you purchase, the breastfeeding pillow you want and even the lactation services/support you choose. Is there additional value in spending money on breastfeeding supplies and adequate support? Are you more willing to listen to the advice given if it is free and is that free advice ENOUGH to provide you with healthier results?

I learned today an important lesson in this concept. The story starts out with my son calling me home from a lunch date. He reported that our cat was foaming from the mouth and having diarrhea. Not a wait and see approach or check the internet first for FREE advice. I started calling our regular vet and the back up vet we take our animals too. Neither one was available until the following week. I knew I had no choice but see someone else who was going to cost an arm and a leg.

The veterinarians I have chosen are extremely inexpensive. It has been nice and comforting to get my animals seen and taken care of for an affordable price. Yet, I noticed with this new veterinarian that he was assessing very thoroughly. More than I am used too. This veterinarian confirmed our suspensions of kidney failure. The other veterinarians brushed off my concerns. This new doctor discussed nutrition and developed a care plan to keep my cat living healthier for many years to come. Did it cost a pretty penny? It did. But I learned three important lessons.

Number one, “cheap & inexpensive” may not always mean thorough. Number two, because of being thorough, my cat will be able to live a better quality of life. Number three, what we don’t know from lack of being thorough may cause further issues in the future.

My a-ha moment helped me realize that when moms seeking out breastfeeding assistance need to ask themselves whether they want cheap and inexpensive and just receive a cheerleader or pay extra and receive thorough and healthier results? My consultations provide a thorough assessment on mom’s breasts, milk supply, milk transfer, weight patterns, infant’s oral anatomy and potential issues. I am most proud of my ability to help a mom feel comfortable, empowered, hopeful and have more confidence. The answers a mom needs to succeed are always there. Adding in thoroughness, hope and a prayer is my approach for the best outcome.

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