Erica's Testimonial
Michele's Testimonial
“Julie is excellent! When we found out our baby hadn’t gained any weight since birth, my wife and I became very concerned. And it didn’t help that every medical professional we saw was simply “stumped.” All they could suggest was formula supplementation. So with no real answers, major sleep deprivation, and a hungry baby, we finally found Julie. Of course, we were skeptical at first. But within three 3 minutes, she discovered the causes of our troubles. Julie then laid out a concrete action plan, with clear options and recommendations. If you are looking for a smart consultant who knows her stuff, Julie is the best.”
– Mike George, new father
“I just wanted to say thank you. You came to my home a few months ago to help me with my daughter. I know I would not be breastfeeding her now if it were not for you. I never expected to have a problem with my fourth child but it just goes to show that you never know. Everything is going great now and we are both healthy and happy. It means a lot to me to be able to breastfeed my children and I will always be grateful for your service.”
~ A
“Having Julie help me with breast feeding for the first 6 weeks was the only thing that kept me sane. She kept me motivated and refocused when I lost steam. I was recovering from a C-section, postpartum depression and sleep deprivation. I needed a lactation consultant to remind me that to struggle with breastfeeding is normal and reassure me that it is not because I was incompetent – which is how I was feeling. And though I knew all the benefits of breast feeding, I needed the affirmation of what a great thing I was doing for my baby. I was able to value every drop of milk I got into her instead of focusing how little it may have been. Breast milk was like liquid gold and I was proud to be able to offer my baby as much as I could. Without Julie I would have quit within a week and would have felt guilty a lifetime. I know that I did the best for my baby and have positive feeling associated with breast feeding. I owe that to Julie. And that is priceless.”
~ Flory W.
“Hi Julie, I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent advice. My baby is breastfeeding with no problems and is up over 7 pounds. I really appreciate the encouragement and techniques you showed me. It was a critical point for us both and we made it through thanks to your help. I hope you have a great day!”
~ Stephanie B.
“Julie is a breast-saver! I can’t thank her enough for her expertise in helping me breastfeed my baby. When my milk came in, I was completely engorged to the point it hurt. After researching it on the internet for over an hour, I still could not figure out how to manually express it–nothing would work–and to add even more complexity, my nipples are flat! I contacted Julie immediately and she was miraculously available that day to come and help me (she was taking the day off for her husband’s birthday, but when I explained my situation in tears, she worked me in, which shows what a big heart she has and how much she loves what she does). She came to my house and was so professional. She checked my baby to make sure he could latch properly, and then she worked with me to get him to breastfeed using a nipple shield. IT WORKED!! Very quickly, my baby was latched on nursing, my milk let down, and the engorgement started to subside. AHHHH!! RELIEF AND SUCCESS!! To me, Julie is truly a “breast saver” and the best Lactation Consultant out there. She can teach you so much, and she leaves you with specific things to do to continue to have success when she’s not there. THANK YOU, JULIE!!”
~ Kerry C.
“I cannot thank Julie enough for getting my daughter and I on track with breastfeeding! Julie is so sweet and outgoing and I immediately felt comfortable with her. My poor daughter was “eating” all the time and unable to transfer enough milk despite my good supply. Before I knew it, my supply had gone way down and my daughter was starving and not gaining weight. Julie diagnosed my daughter with a lip and tongue tie (which were not obvious and completely brushed aside by 3 pediatricians!!) and helped refer me to specialists who accepted my insurance. She even talked with one of them personally about my case. After getting the procedures done, Julie helped me make a weekly feeding plan to get my milk supply back up and get my daughter feeding well and maintaining proper weight gain. Her plans were so specific and tailored to my needs and my individual goals and they were so incredibly successfully that there were definitely many happy tears shed! I don’t know how I would have gotten my daughter back on track continuing to exclusively breastfeed without Julie’s help and I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter for getting to where she is today!! Julie shared in our success and excitement and has enabled me to fall in love with breastfeeding and stick with it! I wouldn’t dream of trying to do this alone next time around and am so grateful that Julie specializes in lip and tongue ties and was able to save me from giving up on breastfeeding. Forever I am in her debt for being there for us!!”
~ Deanna T.
“Julie knows her stuff. She is very educated and knowledgeable. I took my 3rd child in to see her and it was my first time seeing a lactation consultant. Even on number 3 I learned a lot! Very friendly also.”
~ Alex D.
"I was so impressed with your knowledge, skill, patience, and kindness. Thanks for not making me feel judged on my efforts to nurse my baby. I was just blown away by the whole experience.”
~ Dorothy