Tongue Ties

A tongue tie is a restriction underneath the tongue keeping the tongue from moving and functioning correctly. The tongue needs to not only be able to stick out but elevate appropriately. The lip needs to elevate appropriately as well to help create a seal at the breast. What does this all mean?
  • sore nipples/often times persistent yeast or a nipple bacterial infection
  • plugged ducts/mastitis from poor drainage
  • GI upset in baby such as gas, spitting, grunting, poor sleep, arching and any symptoms that appear to be colic or reflux. They may always want to nurse. Often times, infants are on reflux meds without much improvement.
  • not be able to sustain the latch and falls off the nipple or stays just at the tip.
  • have long feeding times and infant does not seem satisfied even though weight gain is appropriate.
  • not be gaining enough weight and your milk supply seems to be lowered.
  • may choke, cough or gag during feedings whether it is with a bottle or breast.
  • milk leaks or dribbles outside the baby’s mouth during breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
  • appear to have a food allergy.
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You and your baby may have all or some of these listed above.

A baby needs the lip and the tongue to work properly in order to suck, suction, swallow and even breath well.

‍I have seen hundreds of breastfeeding relationships be saved by getting the tongue and if necessary the lip restriction released.  Feeding your baby is suppose to be easy and enjoyable. Your baby needs to be happy and healthy. The right help is available! I can guide you through the process.

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